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Open EyeTap

A modular, open-source wearable linux system for augmented reality

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The EyeTap is an open-source augmented reality headset developed by myself and a small group of members in a lab at the University of Toronto. Currently based on a Raspberry Pi with code written in Python, the EyeTap features a number of already completed modules such as the above ThermoCam module, integrating a Lepton Thermal Imaging camera from FLIR. The camera is mounted above the nosepiece as shown, and using a minature projector on the users' right temple is projected onto a reflective display over the right eye.

Eyetap Eyetap

My role with the EyeTap team encompasses a number of hardware and software aspects. My particular software contributions include a Dashcam module which continously records the point of view of the wearer, holding on to an adjustable amount of footage in a ciruclar buffer. When a button on the EyeTap is pressed, the last -x- minutes of recorded footage is automatically uploaded to YouTube using their Python API. The device is now released on the EyeTap website.

For more information, visit OpenEyetap.com.